Janod: Magneti'Stories - The Animal Party - Magnetic Toy


Come take a better look! Night has just fallen in the forest and a big surprise is in the making. This magnetic game will amaze children aged 3 years and up. The illustrated backdrop will help bolster your little one's imagination and fine motor skills. In fact, this magnetic game consists of a large decorated board and 30 magnets. The magnets, once placed on the party-themed panorama, will become the starting point for many a wonderful story! All the animal guests are in position and the central cake has been lit with a candle, ready for the music to sound! After all, whose birthday are we celebrating? That’s up to your child to decide.


This large background is foldable and can therefore easily be stored or slipped into your little one's backpack. They’ll be able to invent a multitude of short stories whenever they like, whilst stimulating their fine motor skills as they move the magnetic pieces. Once all the elements are in place, all that remains is for children to stand the scene vertically and tell their story to their willing audience!