Janod: Magneti'Stories - The Farm - Magnetic Toy


Cock-a-doodle-doo! Calling all budding farmers! Children aged 3 years and up are invited to the farm with this illustrated magnetic backdrop that combines harvests with piglets. This magnetic game consists of a magnetic backdrop and 30 magnets. Your child’s fine motor skills – a key early-learning development – will be improved as they grasp the magnetic pieces. That’s without forgetting the imagination... once positioned on the scenic background, each magnet will prompt the creation of countless stories. The little pigs are rolling around in the mud, the little sheep are jumping over the fences and the farmer is leaving for the harvest aboard his green tractor.


Many a fun scenario will come to life in front of your little ones’ eyes! Cool: the background can stand up vertically to help your child narrate their stories! Furthermore, this same background is foldable to make transport easier and obstacle free; unlike the ones your little one may invent on the farm for their companions.