Ladybird or Crocodile

Diditrike early years ride on toy eagerly encourages young children to explore gross motor skills. Using it’s unique and exciting design to immediately engage little riders. Moreover, this cute and quirky Diditrike is specifically made to provide ultimate support and stability. As toddlers improve their mobility.

Smooth wheels and an easy to manoeuvre handle bar are star features on this Diditrike ride on. As the trike glides along for seamless play. Additionally, the freewheeling design allows for some serious whizzing around. Thereby,  providing exercise whilst developing spatial and speed awareness. Along with balance and gross motor skills. Both lightweight and durable, the Diditrike toddler ride on features no pedals or batteries.

Diditrike is suitable for use indoors and outdoors on any smooth, flat surface. Features a soft handle bar and hard seat. 

Suitable for riders up to 20KG. Seat height 24cm.

Age 12+ months.

Height: 24cm, Width: 51.5cm, Depth: 18.5cm.

Saddle height 24cms